DJI FPV Parts, Accessories and Upgrades

In this article you can read all about possible parts, accessories and upgrades for the DJI FPV. From the simplest parts to the most interesting gadgets. We ‘re not going further into detail about the DJI Motion Controller as we already discussed this accessory in the main article of the DJI FPV (link article). The most obvious gadget is the extra cover that DJI offers you so you can personalise your drone, so let’s start here.


The simplest gadget you can buy together with your DJI FPV is the extra cover, the so called DJI FPV Top Shell. The drone comes standard with a simple grey transparent Top Shell, in the combo set you get an extra light green Top Shell, this looks good of course but you don’t have to be a genious to see the endless possibilities here, as this Top Shell is easy to replace, you can also personalise it yourself, anyone that is handy with a spray gun can design his/her own personal image to paint on the extra Top Shell to make your drone stand out of the crowd, it basically gives you a blank canvas to play with. A set of 2 Top Shells, 1 Eternal Green and 1 Void Grey only costs 15 EURO.


For the daredevil pilots, there is nothing more important than protection, broken motors and prop scan become expensive and time consuming to replace, so in order to reduce the chance of damage, you can buy a set of Propeller Guards from for only 25 EURO. This will protect your drone when flying in challenging terrain like rock formations, forests or cramped areas.

Carry your drone:

You know what it’s like … you have so much equipment and any old backpack just doesn’t cut it to carry it all around. DJI offers your the specially designed DJI Goggles Carry More Backpack for 119 EURO. However a quick search online will show you that Amazon offers more than one design, so browse around to see if the perfect backpack or case for you is out there, here are some examples on Amazon.

The PONYRC backpack for DJI FPV offers lots of storage space for the complete DJI FPV with all needed accessories and some more, this robust waterproof and shock proof shoulder bag comes in 3 different color combinations: Black bag with grey inner, grey bag with grey inner and my personal favorite, grey bag with red inner, a real looker. It’s on the marker for only 79.99 USD.

The XTON Portable hard case backpack gives you a little bit more protection when on rough terrain, unlike the PONYRC backpack with it’s changeable compartments, this one has fixed hardfoam pre-cut compartments fort he DJI FPV with needed accessories. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around at 84.99 USD.

For pilots that usually travel by car and don’t really use a backpack there is the INSYOO DJI FPV EVA hard shell case, this one is like a suitcase and perfect for the experienced traveller, easy to carry and perfect for public transport travel. It has pre-cut hardfoam compartments fort he drone and accessories and comes in 2 colors, white with dark grey inner and again my choice … shining black with red inner. It’s on the market for 44.99 USD.

But why stop there? When you use this drone and maybe some more equipment in combination with the FPV, maybe a second drone to combine the features of the FPV with another popular drone, you probably know the hassle of getting all the accessories transported, the holy grail of transport cases is the NANUK case, NANUK has created a case especially for the FPV with pre-cut hardfoam insert for 199.99 USD on Amazon, it is robust, waterproof, shockproof and it’s available in 6 colors, black, olive, orange, silver, yellow and graphite. However, you can also buy directly at NANUK and choose your own personalised case to carry your drone and lots more (


DJI sells the DJI FPV Drone Arm Bracers, these are interesting things, they are easy to assemble arm bracers that enhance the strength of the FPV arms and reduce the risk of damage to the arms, do remember this drone can fly at 148 km/h, this puts huge stress on the arms of the drone and may in damage the arms when flying long and multiple flights to the limits of the drones capabilities, so in order to counter this, the Arm Bracers may be a good idea at only 19 EURO.

A replacement arm for the FPV costs 17.99 USD on Amazon but it’s only useful when you actually know how to replace it, for all others it is recommended to have your drone repaired by DJI itself.


For the personalisation of the remote, why not get these Adjustable Aluminium joysticks to replace the original DJI ones, they look great, are completely metal and easy to install, just like the originals, for sale on Amazon for only 17.99 USD, adjustable in length to your own preference.

The standard props from DJI are already awesome, but why not get these red tipped props instead? Amazon has a set for sale for 12.99 USD and maybe the most important, they come with a set of motor protectors, 4 red covers to place over the motors when the props aren’t attached in order to prevent dust and water from getting in the motors.

Damage prevention is always important and a drone pilot should always make sure he/she is standing in a stable position, this is even more important when using the FPV as you are not seeing your own direct environment but the drones view instead, to prevent the remote from falling out of your hands, a simple lanyard will do the trick, this strong and well designed lanyard fort he FPV remote is on Amazon for 26.59 USD.

DJI has thought about everything, when designing the goggles fort he FPV they knew that lots of people wear glasses and wearing glasses underneath these flight goggles is no fun, this is why they designed these DJI FPC Goggles Corrective Lenses, available for 22 EURO in -8.0D, -6.0D, -4.0D and -2.0D.

The DJI Goggles headband ensures you will we comfortable when wearing the goggles during FPV flights, especially for longer periods of time. Available at for 15 EURO.

The goggles could use some protection as well, therefore you can get this protective soft cover to place on the inside of the goggles during transport, so the viewer will not get damaged, as an added bonus, this one has elastic slips to store the antennas and 2 mSD cards as well. It’s available on Amazon for 12.99 USD.

An interesting problem that drone pilots often face is the lack of a clear landing area, I myself have used flat rocks, the roof of my car or even a cycling road as a safe flat clear place to take off and land, however sometimes it is difficult to find a good spot. The solution is to carry your own landing platform with you! There is a simple easy to use foldable platform available on Amazon (2nd link below) that you can carry in any backpack and open when needed on the spot, lay it over snow, grass, gravel or any uneven or dirty surface to give your drone a nice clean place to take off and land, and afterwards you just was hit with water, it even has 4 corner holes so you could use pins to anchor it down. It costs 15.99 USD.

Another landing pad is available for 19.99 USD on Amazon and this one is very different from the previous one (1st link above). This is a plastic landing pad, it can be used for all kinds of model helicopters and drones, easy to assemble, you can personalise it with pre-printed stickers. The advantage of this landing pad is that it houses a 9V battery in the base that powers the built-in LED lights, perfect for evening and nighttime flights. The design of this pad is so that it interlocks, so if you buy 4 of them you can create your own giant landing pad and use more LED lights for your drone to safely return home.Read more reviews or find great drone bundles, parts and accessories from the below drone manufacturers;
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